Donate today to give hope to someone on their journey. image

Donate today to give hope to someone on their journey.

Your donation will be used to purchase hygiene supplies for those in need or to support our art program, Finding Hope Through the Arts.

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Provide hope to others on their journey

Journey of Hope's mission is to inspire community engagement to spread hope to others where they are on their journey; offer support services to individuals and families; support and partner with local nonprofits that provide mental health, addiction, and reintegration services.

Everyone deserves to be clean on their journey! We provide basic hygiene kits to individuals with limited resources, youth in schools, and individuals reintegrating from incarceration, treatment, or experiencing homelessness.

We also offer multidisciplinary art programming called Finding Hope Through the Arts to youth in detention and adults in treatment. The benefits of this program are to give the clients hope on their journey through building positive relationships with adults in the community by participating in constructive and creative activities.